Who can become a member of Bogota Swim Club?

Anyone who is a resident of Bergen County can become a member of Bogota Swim Club.  Please see our Join Today tab for information.

What are the hours of operation?

The swim club opens for weekends only beginning on the Saturday of Memorial day weekend, until the last week of school for Bogota schools. after Bogota schools are closed for the summer, the Swim Club opens full-time,  12:30 – 8:30 daily, unless noted in our announcements on our homepage. (Hours may vary, please see our Main Page for current hours of operation.)

Do you have to be a member to spend a day at the Bogota Swim Club?

No, we offer daily passes for all Bergen County residents. (All adults must present photo ID to prove residency.)

Are chairs and umbrellas provided for members and guests?

All members and guests must provide their own chairs and umbrellas.  Please note that all chairs and umbrellas which are at the pool, belong to a member.  Please do not help yourself to them.

Is there parking available at the Bogota Swim club?

There is a limited amount of parking available in the parking lot for the swim club and parking on the street is not allowed.  When the parking lot has reached capacity, no more daily guests will be admitted to the pool.